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  • Dan you out there Bud??Just checking on ya.I need a good cuss'in out from time to time.
    Once again, my apologies. The download I attempted on Xmas did fail. At 98%(!), the download stopped and eventually timed out. I'm going to try one more link at mission4today, and possibly a link at another website. Meanwhile, if you know anyone who has the 4.09, 4.09 skins, and 4.10 patches on cds, please let me know. I do have acquaintances at WWIIaircraft.net, but none are IL-2 players, and I'm hoping you'll know someone here who can be trusted.

    Once again, with thanks and best wishes,

    I'm sorry to bother you with this, but I'm not quite sure of what else to do. I'm trying to update my IL-2 from 4.08 to 4.10, and I'm having a problem with downloading the requisite 4.09 patch. I'm on a DSL; after waiting nearly six hours, the download now reads "10 min 40 seconds" left - and it has been saying this for nearly 30 minutes! I don't know whether the download has slowed to a creep, or stopped altogether.
    In any case - and this is specifically why I'm sending a PM - do you know of anyone who has the patch on a CD. I'd happily pay for a copy, so that I could simply install the patch offline, then download the 4.10 patch - unless that proves troublesome downloading as well! Any help you may have to offer would be greatly appreciated.

    Happy Christmas!

    Erwin Hood
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