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    I am another one of his granddaughters. Unfortunately he passes away in the 1980's. I love your article and the photos you posted of him.
    I was wondering how do i get the password so i can look at the RAAF Kittyhawks pics? Cheers!!
    My name is Alexandra Smith and Paul Sabo was my grandfather. My mom is with me, his daughter, and was overwhelmed about the information and pictures you had. I would love if you could send me copies of your photos as those are pictures my family has never seen of him and if you have anything else of his that you would be willing to send us as he has now passed. We woiuld appreciate anything you could give us. My email is [email protected] and my mother's is [email protected].

    Thank you so much for honoring him,

    Ali Smith
    if I got it right, you recently posted some information on Hispano 20 mm cannons but I was unable to find them
    I'm looking for pictures or drawings because I'm intending to scratch build a couple for the 1:32 Spitfire I'm currently assembling.
    Many thanks in advance
    Looks like we got the whole 'B' family in this group build, haha loving it!
    Thank you mate, I love P40s. I can see a great friendship coming here, :).

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