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    Hi Again...
    I have discovered the meanings of:
    1 Fighter Squadron (VF)
    1 Bomber Squadron (VB)
    1 Torpedo Squadron (VT)
    I am still seeking the types of aircraft which would be in these squadrons and photographs if possible.
    Hi-- I'm hoping you can help me with a question. I am trying to identify some squadrons and planes talked about in a post your wrote. In particular I want to know what VBs, VFs, VTs stand for in reference to bombing raids on Manila in September 1944. Also what type of bombers and fighters would have been involved in these attacks Sept 1944-February 1945. Can you help me? Thanks so much.
    Glad to see you weigh in on this poll since you are somewhat to blame for it (however ill conceived it may be). If you hadn't mentioned Bartsch's book on the early FEAF campaign I wouldn't have been inspired (??) to put it up. I still have to finish the Shores Volume II and Edmunds history to find out what happens. Dont spoil it for me. The alies finally get their **** together; introduce hundreds of F4F-3s into the campaign and win right? No don't tell me. :rolleyes:
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