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  • The recent Soviet big jet "crash"(in trouble) that you posted was most amazing, Sunny91. I've watched it several times - for the wolves howling in the background. And after dark - the nightlife sounds. Great material, thank you. :)

    I happened to know your advice for hitoshi with KickYouTube.
    It is useful. Many thanks.
    Hello Sunny,

    A long time ago you kindly converted a YouTube movie for me to a downloadable file. ( WMV or AVI )
    I was wondering if you could possibly convert another movie for me to save to WMV or AVI.

    It is a small YouTube movie about the Hs129. I am very interested in the Hs129. The movie is called

    Henschel Hs129 Angriffe. Deutsche Wochenschau 688

    I hope it is possible to do this. Thankyou in advance Sunny :)
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