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South Carolina
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vikingBerserker was last seen:
Viewing thread Nice Footage of Dutch Buffalos and B-10s in Singapore, 1941, Apr 28, 2017 at 6:53 PM
      I fought the KC 135 fire your father fought. i was a crew chief on an O-11A crash truck. wondering what his name is. mine is geno
    2. Vassili Zaitzev
      Vassili Zaitzev
      Not a problem. Glad I could help.
    3. Vassili Zaitzev
      Vassili Zaitzev
      Hey David,

      Haven't a chance to read through it yet. I'm skimming through it now. It does have a quick blurb on the 139 and 166. He does extensively cover the air operations during the time period, so your aircraft should be mentioned, as well as the fact he's writing from a Dutch POV. Do you have Bloody Shambles Volumes 1 or 2? Those are the only two books that I can think that would cover them. I had some gift card money from Amazon left over. I'm hoping to expand my library one book at a time. Hope this helps.
    4. Vassili Zaitzev
      Vassili Zaitzev
      Hey VB. Might be a while until I can get through the H.L. Hunley book. I started going full time at grad school, and the reading will keep me busy for the semester.
    5. Wurger
      THX for the Like ! :D
    6. Wurger
      Again THX for the next Like!
    7. Wurger
      THX for the recent Like ! :D
    8. Vassili Zaitzev
      Vassili Zaitzev
      Hey VB. Looks like we see eye to eye regarding the book. I do have a copy of "The Cruelest Night", on the Gustloff from 1979. Haven't read much during the summer, but when I finish it I'll let you know. Was pretty highly rated on Amazon.
    9. Vassili Zaitzev
      Vassili Zaitzev
      Hey VB!
      Finished "Death on the Baltic" a few weeks ago, sorry for the late reply. It was okay in my perspective. The author got her point across about the sinking of the Gustloff, the plight of the refugees escaping from the approaching Soviets, and the circumstances surronding the S-13's skipper. She did keep interrupting the story of the sinking with facts about U-boats and Soviet subs. Her style of writing may put you off, as she tries to place thoughts into peoples heads like a journalist. Still, gave a good account of the tragedy, and for the few bucks I spent it was worth it.
      Hope this helps.
    10. vikingBerserker
      Thanks, looking forward to what you think of the book!

    11. Vassili Zaitzev
      Vassili Zaitzev
      Hey VB!
      Thanks for the tip regarding newspapers. Also, I've finished my book on the Bismarck, and am now starting to read "Death on the Baltic." If I finish before you, I'll let you know of my opinion on the book.
    12. Avn-Tech
      I can supply a copy of my excel files with almost all manuals from this site listed, w/credit given for the poster.

      fish at aviation-tech dot com
    13. RabidAlien
      Thanks for hte Like!
    14. bromhead
    15. RabidAlien
      Hehehe....thanks for the Like! That was the least-political comment I could think of for that pic...
    16. RabidAlien
      Hey, thanks for the Like!
    17. futuredogfight
      Hey sup Viking
    18. RabidAlien
      Hehe...thanks for the "Like" in the "caption this photo" thread!
    19. Aaron Brooks Wolters
      Aaron Brooks Wolters
      Dave, your sneaky man. THANK YOU JUST THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The books showed up today. I was amazed at the weight until I got the box open and two books fell into my hand.:lol: I am going to have to build a book shelf. I still have another from Amozon on the way to. Again, thank you so much, I now have enough reading material I may never get the models done.:lol:
    20. Aaron Brooks Wolters
      Aaron Brooks Wolters
      Hey David, the compressor is rather quiet, at least by my standards. I'm use to a 20 horse 50 gallon tank type.:lol: If I had to guess I'd say it's probably 40 to 45 decibels or so. I could run it at night in the basement and not wake anyone on the house.:thumbright:
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