1. MrB17F

    Heinkel He-111 “drooped ailerons”

    A question for the Heinkel He-111 experten. I have noticed in some photos, the ailerons on the He-111 seem to droop with the flaps down, most noticeable with full flaps in landing configuration. I am not having much luck finding any information about this. Both ailerons have a very long servo...
  2. M

    High roll rate ailerons Harvard

    Hi....Does a standard 1952 Harvard MK 4 have High roll rate ailerons? How do you check if they have been installed? What is required for parts,and how big a job, to install? Thanks
  3. F

    Help! I need a manual or details about the Fowler ailerons of He177 A-3

    May you help? Thank you, I am searching for a manual of control surfaces where are well described and pictured the Fowler ailerons of He177 A-3, really hard to understand in detail... In change I can help you about Italian Aircraft manuals. Ciao Felix
  4. S

    Boosted ailerons on Fw 190D-13

    Some sources mention hydraulically boosted ailerons on the existing Fw 190D-13. Others don't mention anything. Then I read a source that says that the Dora got outrolled by a P-38 with boosted ailerons indicating that the Fw does not have those. Otherwise it would have rolled faster than the...
  5. L

    question about aileron and fowler flap mechanism on early he177 models

    hello, i am currently building a 3d model of a he177. some stuff you cant guess from drawings, also not from photos i already found. early models had ailerons which would move together with the fowler flaps. the only thing close to that i found are so called "lam ailerons" does anyone know...