question about aileron and fowler flap mechanism on early he177 models

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Aug 28, 2014
i am currently building a 3d model of a he177. some stuff you cant guess from drawings, also not from photos i already found.

early models had ailerons which would move together with the fowler flaps. the only thing close to that i found are so called "lam ailerons"
does anyone know how the heinkel ailerons work?

another thing. normal cruise flight setup was with fowler flaps extended, does anyone know of they are simply extended along a straight line or do they also rotate a bit?

oh and something unrelated to control surfaces. i cant find any good pics of the belly gunner window in front of the bomb doors.

well here is what i have so far:


thx in advance,

On early version He 177, the fowler flaps were along trailing edge, including the ailerons.
The ailerons were composed by an upper part and an bottom part.
The bottom aileron part slides back in the same time as the fowler flaps on the sliding rails. The upper aileron control the roll during take off and landing.

In normal flight the two parts of aileron were attached together

The wing area increase 20% when the fowler flaps were extended
great, thx for the fast answer, i guessed it must have been that way, but wasnt sure. cruise flight was with fowler flaps extended btw, so its basically what we know today as "lam ailerons"
for the fowler flap position and angle it seems im forced to use my rc profile testing program to find out what would give least resistance.
pic 1 He177A-1 rest He177A-3

window shape evolved with airplane.
Flaps had influence on trim

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