Help! I need a manual or details about the Fowler ailerons of He177 A-3

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Apr 10, 2015
May you help? Thank you, I am searching for a manual of control surfaces where are well described and pictured the Fowler ailerons of He177 A-3, really hard to understand in detail...
In change I can help you about Italian Aircraft manuals.


Never heard of a Fowler aileron. Many planes have Fowler flaps, but fowler ailerons are a new one on me and I don't know of any ailerons that move backward and increase the wing area when they go up and down.

Some ailerons partially deflect with the flaps, but they still must be able to go up and down to control roll unless roll control is turned over to spoilers when the ailerons are both fully deflected downward. I do not know of an instance of this type of operation, but it COULD be done. I'd seriously question flying on a plane of this design unless it proved to be reliable in service.

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