1. M

    Public NASA 1970s Apollo Program and early space shuttle partial historical old manuals from museums

    In 1961, to win the competition of stepping on the moon, president Kennedy launched the Project Apollo to launch some astronauts to the moon. After many years, many technologies developed from the Project Apollo have been greatly enriched our lives. As many technologies have been widely used in...
  2. Venomstick121

    A-10 weapons delivery manual

    I am looking for an a-10 weapons delivery manual. Does anyone have an idea where i could get my hands on one. I found one but it is 50 dollars.
  3. Baball

    Daimler Benz DB 601 & 605 Engine Explanatory Charts

    Explanatory charts for the DB601 E-G, Q & R as well as for the DB 605 A-F engines, dated 1941. Enjoy!
  4. MiTasol

    Supermarine Southampton manuals

    This one cleaned up better than I expected and it is even complete! It is the hard bound HMSO version of the manual.
  5. MiTasol

    Australian Instrument Documents

    I am posting here my copy of RAAF Publication 413 - Aircraft Compasses - General. First the basic manual and then on this site the RAAF information leaflets and on the American Instrument Documents thread the US tech orders that make up the majority of the content. 05-15-3 is missing and...
  6. M

    Public Aerospace electronic-generating equip: Aerospace Nuclear generator manuals and related electricity public manuals

    Nowadays, it's a trend for deep-space explorers / spaceships to use nuclear electronic-generator for their electronic sources. For example, RTG(Radiosotopr Thermoelectric Generator) have flown 27 space missions by NASA, mainly used on deep-space explorers. The RTGs for the Pioneer 10 spacecraft...
  7. M

    EARLY Titan and atlas satellite-launcher public operator manuals, plus 1990s Long March 2 and 3 rocket export version satellite user's manuals

    In this thread, there'll be Public EARLY Titan and atlas satellite-launcher operator and launcher manuals, plus 1990s Long March 2 and 3 rocket export version satellite user's manuals. Public atlas rocket manuals are in the 1st post of this thread. Atlas was the first us long-range rocket, it...
  8. M

    Public available 1960s NASA 1000kN J2 rocket engine operator and maintenance manuals, plus illustrated parts catalogue

    J2 engine is a LHX-LOX engine used on the 2nd stage and 3rd stage of Saturn V, with a capability of restarting in the space flight at almost 0g and in vacuum. Propellant Liquid oxygen / Liquid hydrogen Mixture ratio 5.5:1 Cycle Gas generator Nozzle ratio 27.5:1 Thrust, vacuum 1,033.1...
  9. M

    Public released post WWII Flight control and electronics general system manuals

    Flight control theory is a fast-developing subject, its theory books/manuals have been published, most of these post WWII Flight Control System manuals were official manuals approved to be released by the US government on its official website. One of a document here is under...
  10. M

    Early aviation computers manuals, including L-304, used on E-2A Hawkeye

    In this post, there're early aviation computers manuals, including L-304, used on E-2A Hawkeye. L-304 was a set of computers used on the aerial tactic system on E-2A Hawkeye. The Litton L-304 ,general-purpose computer was developed through the cumulative(efforts of DSD's engineering and...
  11. M

    Low resolution Retired Vulcan Bomber Flight Manual(AFM), Maintenance Manual(AMM), SRM and IPC

    Vulcan Bomber was the 1st generation bomber of Britain, which was the only jet heavy bomber which have been kept for air show after its retirement for 30 years. However, after the bankrupt of the vulcan-keeping company for air show and the age of vulcan, it is not capable for flight after 2015...
  12. M

    1970s Soviet IL76T Classic Civil Version with Low Bypass D30 AFM AMM SRM IPC production ended 1997, for historical ref only

    IL-76T is a 1970s Soviet transport aircraft, with a MTOW of 190tons. IL-76T is a civilized version of IL-76, and it had removed all of the military equipment, and used for civil transportation. The Classic IL-76 equipped with low-bypass D30 engine in this thread, have been out of production...
  13. M

    1960s Early Soviet Turbofan tech Engine NK-8 and D30 maintenance manuals and illustrated parts catalogue ( IPC ), for historical ref only

    NK-8 and D-30 jet engines are early LOW-BYPASS Soviet turbofan engines for passenger jets, which were developed and used in 1960. They're all low-bypass early turbofan engines developed by USSR in 1960s, with similar tech and performance with American JT3D and JT8D engines. NK-8 and D-30 engines...
  14. M

    Piston engine spark, electronic motor, carburetor, and other mechanical accessories manuals

    A WWII-style piston engine has a simple theory of operation. However, it needs a pile of accessories to make it work. It includes: Sparks, electronic motor, Fuel Injector, Fuel pumps, carburetors, Supercharger for high altitude... The manuals are in this folder...
  15. M

    1970s Enstrom Helicopter Trainer Type 28 Flight Manual(AFM), Maintenance Manual(AMM), Illustrated Parts Catalogue(IPC), plus Robinson HeliTower Manual

    Enstrom 28F 1-ton light Helicopter developed in 1970s. Its customer manuals have been shared on official website, and its manuals. All the downloaded manuals are claimed might not the latest version, and they're uncontrolled copies. Enstrom 28F is suitable to be a trainer, which saves oil and...
  16. M

    Public available 1970s Soviet S25 or SA1 Berkut short-to-medium-range SAM Missile Operator and Maintenance Manuals

    SA1 was the 1st Soviet anti-aircraft missile in 1951, developed from a WWII German anti-aircraft missile Waterfall. The system's performance could be regarded as a fixed-base version of MIM-23 Hawk. The system remained in service until 1982, having made many times of upgrade. The first V-300...
  17. M

    Public available 1970s Soviet SA8 or 9K33 Osa Missile and related development missiles Operator and Maintenance Manuals plus a laser-guided concept

    Soviet SA8 is a short range anti-aircraft missile. Specifications (OSA-AKM) Mass 17.5 tonnes Length 9.14 m Width 2.75 m Height 4.20 m (radar mast stowed) Crew 5 soldiers Main armament 6 9M33, 9M33M1, 9M33M2 or 9M33M3 missiles Engine D20K300 diesel Ground clearance 400 mm Operational range 30 km...
  18. M

    Public available 1970s Soviet SA5 or S200 Gammon Missile plus Obsolete 1970s S225 Missile Operator and Maintenance Manual

    Thanks to Mr. Springrose who shared them on a public website, there's a set of 1970s S200 and Obsolete S225 long-range anti-aircraft missile manuals. S200 is a 180km long-range anti-aircraft missile, which is the largest one in the world. It was designed to deal with SR71 blackbird. In late...
  19. M

    1965 Early version of Hawker Siddenly / De HAVILLAND H.S.121/ D.H.121 1E Trident Flight Manual

    1965 Early version of Hawker Siddenly / De HAVILLAND H.S.121/ D.H.121 1E Trident Flight Manual. Variant Trident 1/1C Trident 1E Trident 2E Trident 3B Cockpit crew Three (Captain, First Officer, and Flight Engineer) Typical seats 101 seats 108 seats 115 seats 180 seats Length 114 ft...
  20. M

    Public available 1970s Soviet SA3 or S125 Neva Pechora Missile Operator and Maintenance Manuals

    Soviet SA3 or S125 Dvina Missile was the first solid anti-aircraft missile of the Soviet Union from 1959. Its early warning system is powered by a very old meter-wave radar P18. In extreme circumstances, it could even guided by a telescope! Specifications (V-601) Mass 953 kg Length 6.09 m...