Public available 1970s Soviet SA8 or 9K33 Osa Missile and related development missiles Operator and Maintenance Manuals plus a laser-guided concept

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Mar 26, 2022
Soviet SA8 is a short range anti-aircraft missile.
Specifications (OSA-AKM)
Mass 17.5 tonnes
Length 9.14 m
Width 2.75 m
Height 4.20 m (radar mast stowed)
Crew 5 soldiers
Main armament 6 9M33, 9M33M1, 9M33M2 or 9M33M3 missiles
Engine D20K300 diesel
Ground clearance 400 mm
Operational range 30 km
Maximum speed 80 km/h 8 km/h (swimming)
All the manuals are in this folder:
or here:
Or here:
Another alternate link with access code 1234

The Osa theory textbooks are here:
or here:

plus simulator manual:
alternate link:

Related development/similar missile 1:
Igerka Missile was an obsolete missile in research, whose range, about 12km, was similar with 9K33 Osa.
Its manuals are in this folder:
or here:
or here:
There're 9 manuals:
or here:

Related development/similar missile 2:
Tor missile, which is the replacement of SA8, has been widely exported to a variety of small countries.
Specifications (9M331)
Mass 167 kilograms (368 lb)
Length 2,900 millimetres (110 in)
Diameter 235 millimetres (9.3 in)
Warhead Frag-HE (fragmentation high explosives)
Warhead weight 15 kilograms (33 lb)
Detonation mechanism RF Proximity
Wingspan 650 millimetres (26 in)
Propellant Solid-fuel rocket
Operational range 12 kilometres (7.5 mi; 6.5 nmi)
Flight ceiling 6,000 metres (20,000 ft)
Boost time Cold launch ejection for 20 metres (66 ft)
Maximum speed 850 metres per second
Steering system Gas dynamic control system, with four control surfaces

There's a fantastic textbook shared by many amateurs on many public websites:
alternate link:

radar-laser guide concept manuals in this folder:
alternate link:
or here:
There're 3 manuals:
or here:

another alternate link with access code 1234

Thanks to Mr. Springrose, who shared many of which on public websites.

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