Public available 1960s NASA 1000kN J2 rocket engine operator and maintenance manuals, plus illustrated parts catalogue

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Mar 26, 2022
J2 engine is a LHX-LOX engine used on the 2nd stage and 3rd stage of Saturn V, with a capability of restarting in the space flight at almost 0g and in vacuum.
PropellantLiquid oxygen / Liquid hydrogen
Mixture ratio5.5:1
CycleGas generator
Nozzle ratio27.5:1
Thrust, vacuum1,033.1 kN (232,250 lbf)
Thrust, sea-level486.2 kN (109,302 lbf)
Thrust-to-weight ratio73.18
Chamber pressure5,260 kilopascals (763 psi)
Specific impulse, vacuum421 seconds (4.13 km/s)
Specific impulse, sea-level200 seconds (2.0 km/s)
Burn time500 seconds
Length3.4 metres (11.1 ft)
Diameter2.1 metres (6.8 ft)
Dry weight1,788.1 kilograms (3,942 lb)
NotesData is for SA-208/SA-504 version.

J2 unclassified engine design FACT SHEET:
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J2 engine NASA maintenance manuals in 7 volumes:

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J2 engine illustrated parts catalogue:

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J2 engine other manuals:
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All the public manuals are in this folder:
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