1. ajd3530

    Howdy from NE Tennessee!

    Hello everyone! I am Alex. I have been poking around here and using it some for reference for a couple of years, but never joined. I decided this joint wasn't as uptight as I had previously thought after spending a couple of hours reading in here today, so here I am. I live in the northeast...
  2. Donivanp

    The Greatest Man I ever knew

    The Greatest Man I ever knew An unassuming gentleman passed quietly this morning, 7 November 2015, most would not notice. He was a frail old man who could not take care of himself any longer. Born on July 22ed 1926 in the small town of Decatur Arkansas, to Mary and Ode Phillips he was the...
  3. C

    New Member - WWII Japanese Flag Translation?

    Hi Everyone, My father was in the 127th Reg., 32nd Div. as a mortarman in WWII. One of the items he brought home was a Japanese Flag. I've had the flag for over 30 years having taken it out of my grandmother's (his mother) attic after her death. My Dad never talked much of the War, but told me...
  4. S

    Sid's photos

    This is my late dad and his two brothers in a little photo display I made. Dad was an NCO in the Royal Artillery and a very good bloke, he's on the left of the pic.
  5. B

    Did my dad see a Yak and BF109E over Oxfordshire, England Today?

    Hi Guys, Hope ive posted in the right place, but im kind of curious on this one. My dad said to me while doing some gardening for a customer today he saw a Soviet plane he identified as a Yak flying quite low overhead with a BF109. He said he could clearly see the square wings of the...