Howdy from NE Tennessee!

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Dec 19, 2015
NE Tennessee, USA
Hello everyone! I am Alex. I have been poking around here and using it some for reference for a couple of years, but never joined. I decided this joint wasn't as uptight as I had previously thought after spending a couple of hours reading in here today, so here I am.

I live in the northeast corner of Tennessee here in the USA. Beautiful place with colorful people and you get to experience all 4 seasons (sometimes within a 72 hour period.) I am approaching 28 years old, and have a nice little family with the wife and out 2 1/2 year old little girl. I am a stay at home dad by day, local sports official by night. I am not new to the online modeling forum deal, and can be found mostly in FSM.

I am a plane nut. Grew up around them, as my dad is an A&P, and I even put in about 5 years working a flight line (I can tell a Baron from a Cessna 310 from a Piper Twin Comanche in the pattern just from the sound.) So not surprisingly, I am into aircraft modeling. I work exclusively with 1/48 scale, and concentrate mostly in WWII aviation, although I am starting to dabble with Cold War American jets. I am very interested in VVS subjects right now, and would like to do an Russian Barbarossa airfield dio before 2016 is over.

I could babble on and in I'm sure, but since this is just an intro I will wrap this up. I look forward to meeting new people who share the same interests as me, and interacting and becoming part of this community. Have a great weekend y'all!
Welcome to our asylum. I like the group as we aren't as anal retentive as some sites. I lurk over at FSM now and rarely log in over there. Also, I grew up on airports since my first step-father was Airforce and my second step-father was a mechanic/pilot, so I was his assistant when he did inspections for flight time. I was once the parts person at a Piper dealership for a couple of years. 1/48 scale is the best.
Welcome from England ... and I only bite when hungry. Look out for Jan though (in Cell 213B), he's getting old and crusty. I believe he witnessed the Wright Brothers' second flight .... or maybe that was Bleriot's second Channel attempt ?
Welcome from one state to the west. Have an aunt in Knoxville and have ridden the "Dragon" many times


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I had nothing to do with the selection of materials which ultimately lead to the catastrophic structural failure experienced by Icarus, although I did suggest that perhaps wax would be good for his girlfriend's legs, rather than the construction of airfoils .....

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