1. ajd3530

    Howdy from NE Tennessee!

    Hello everyone! I am Alex. I have been poking around here and using it some for reference for a couple of years, but never joined. I decided this joint wasn't as uptight as I had previously thought after spending a couple of hours reading in here today, so here I am. I live in the northeast...
  2. A

    My condolences to the French people

    My condolences to the people of France. Was watching live feeds on Euronews about the terror attacks in Paris. Once more the "Religion of peace" has reared it's ugly head. As for the dead hostages in the theater, it would seem that the authorities held off too long giving the douche bags time to...
  3. parsifal

    Wartime Songs Music

    I thought it might be a good idea to have a place for wartime songs that people might like to share
  4. syscom3

    Identifying the Unknowns at Pearl Harbor.

    A salute to the people who try to identify the unknowns.
  5. P

    So whats the problem in PNG

    I recently read Classic Wings where one person says that they know of a couple of P-40s, a P-38, Seafire and Corsair aswell as a B24 being broken up in PNG in the last couple of years. I know of a number of wrecks I'd personally love to recover if I had the funds but I know its impossible of...
  6. v2

    German or Nazis?

    At May, 20th, 75 years ago, German Nazis brought to the newly built Auschwitz concentration camp a group of 728 Polish political prisoners from the prison in Tarnów. This date is considered to be the day when the camp began to operate. It is estimated that around 75,000 Polish political...
  7. v2

    Russia and V-E Day

    On this day Russia commemorates victory day over Nazi Germany, and the liberation of Europe from German occupation. In 1944, while on their way to Berlin, Soviet soldiers raped millions of women and children, their ages ranged from 8-80. The USSR also deported millions to the Gulag...
  8. T Bolt

    Five Years

    Today I just happened to notice the join date under my dads picture in my avatar and realized I'd been here five years now. It sure doesn't seem that long. I still remember coming here for the first time looking for info on a gun sight and finding all you wonderful people here. There are many...
  9. C

    We need a new "what if" thread . . .

    It's gotten a little dull around here, guys gals. What if scenarios always get people riled up. If someone doesn't suggest one, then I will. . .
  10. P

    ww2aircraft marketplace?

    Would any of the devs be open to the idea of creating a forum for selling aviation related gear. Stuff like manuals or aircraft parts. I think it would be nice if people wanted to sell there gear that they have the chance to offer it to like minded people before putting on eBay or anything. With...
  11. P15

    Carpet bombing

    Hello there! I have read from Clostermann's book about the carpet bombing, which consisted in a drop of a large amount of bombs on the target. According to Clostermann, it killed a lot of civilian people, during the war, especially in Dresde and in Normandy. Is it a true strategic operation or...
  12. tomo pauk

    Thoughts and condolences to the French people

    In light of recent tragedies in France, a word of condolences to the families of the people that got killed by terrorists.
  13. Thorlifter

    Modern Saudi military

    Since I'm currently in this S***hole of a country and given the nonsense that is going on in this region, I thought I'd ask you guys this. Recently, in response to ISIS movement around Syria, Saudi sent 30,000 troops to the Northern Saudi/Iraqi border. I have always heard that Saudi is the big...
  14. Marcel

    Aviodrome Lelystad The Netherlands

    I have been here often. Took many pictures in the past, but now decided to try and make them more interesting.I try to practice my skills and become better in photographing, especially indoors. It's difficult to photographe in the Aviodrome, as it is very dark and no room around the aircraft...