1. pops-paolo

    How should I build these ailerons

    So I am building a wooden RC Macchi 202. I finished the wing and looked at the instructions and realized I forgot the ailerons. I am thinking of cutting out two long strips of balsa and connect them to the wing supports (with the ones in between getting glued onto the balsa. OR I can glue small...
  2. Glenn Sprouse

    Need info: B-17G Nine O Nine, the original

    Good Afternoon Everybody: I'm getting ready to do a 1/48 Nine-O-Nine and I am trying to make it as accurate to the real one as possible, not the one flying right now (sorry Collings Foundation). I have found plenty of photos, some even in color, but there is still one area that eludes me, and...
  3. ajd3530

    Howdy from NE Tennessee!

    Hello everyone! I am Alex. I have been poking around here and using it some for reference for a couple of years, but never joined. I decided this joint wasn't as uptight as I had previously thought after spending a couple of hours reading in here today, so here I am. I live in the northeast...
  4. fubar57

    Scale Aviation Modeller

    Not sure what the deal is here, whether it's read only or downloadable. Lots of other modeling stuff as well...∧[]=aircraft Type "aircraft" into the search box then scroll down on the right. For some reason, I can't post the direct link to the modeling...
  5. Trebor

    Jeweler's loupe?

    say, does anyone here use a jeweler's loupe when they're modeling? like one that you can put on your eye? how does it work for you? I've been considering doing something like that
  6. GrauGeist

    3-D pens and the possabilities...

    Have you guys seen these 3-D pens that are now hitting the market (at affordable prices)? I was watching an ad the other day and realized this might have some serious modeling prospects. I know that when I first saw a 3-D printer, I immediately thought of modeling and creating obsolete or...