1. Wurger

    MikroMir (МикроМир) 1/48 kits of the soviet UT-1 training/ aerobatic plane.

    Being looking around the net I have found a couple of MicroMir (МикроМир) 1/48 kits of the soviet UT-1 ( Яковлев УТ-1 ) training/aerobatic plane. All kits are of the same set of sprues basically. Also there is a PE set included. The differences are just decal markings and the PE sets ( depending...
  2. syscom3

    The worlds largest container ship visits the Port of Los Angeles.

    Check out this slide show. We had some high winds over the past couple days and it blew all the crap in the air away from here. Nice crisp photo's. A couple months ago I asked about the largest practical size for a ship. So here is the answer. Largest container ship to come to North...
  3. al49

    Creamer's Dream - Red Tails P-51D from the Tamiya kit in 1:32

    Hi everybody, on early december a purchased a Xmas presente for myself: and after some research I decided to try to build the replica of this bird: Why this subject? At least for two reason: I liked the muovie on Red Tails and there was a link with Italy as they were based in...
  4. ajd3530

    Howdy from NE Tennessee!

    Hello everyone! I am Alex. I have been poking around here and using it some for reference for a couple of years, but never joined. I decided this joint wasn't as uptight as I had previously thought after spending a couple of hours reading in here today, so here I am. I live in the northeast...
  5. Jeff Hunt

    **** FINISHED: 1/48 Beaufighter Mk.VI - Defense of Britain/Atlantic.

    Username Jeff Hunt name Jeff Category Intermediate Scale 1:48 Manufacturer Tamiya Model Bristol Beaufighter Here are the mandatory 6 pictures followed by a couple of optional ones. and the optional ones...
  6. Airframes

    1/32 Spitfire Mk.Vb - Defence of Britain/Atlantic.

    Username: Airframes Name: Terry. Category: Judge - none competing. Scale: 1/32nd scale. Kit: Hasegawa Spitfire MkVb. Accessories: HGW fabric seat belts, Xtradecal and home made decals, some scratch-building. It's been over five months since I've been at the...
  7. mandoman

    Posting Problems

    Lately I've been having a problem with posting, in that while I'm typing an answer, or such, for some reason I become un-logged in.....or something. I mean, I come to the site, log in, go to any threads I want to post in, and somewhere during that time I seem to be getting logged out without...
  8. meatloaf109

    Movie, "Thin Red Line."

    My wife bought it for me on DVD. I have tried to watch it a couple of times, but can't get through it. Too whiney.. or something. Any thoughts?
  9. P

    So whats the problem in PNG

    I recently read Classic Wings where one person says that they know of a couple of P-40s, a P-38, Seafire and Corsair aswell as a B24 being broken up in PNG in the last couple of years. I know of a number of wrecks I'd personally love to recover if I had the funds but I know its impossible of...
  10. bobbysocks

    Wings of Duty Beta coming out for iOS

    news from the games forum... Hey guys, We finally decided the name of the game, it would be "Wings of Duty", also we are now finalizing the Beta for public release in a week ( will take another 5 days for Apple approval). The Beta comes with couple basic planes: US: P-35,P-40...
  11. Lucky13

    Do you remember, a couple of years or so back?

  12. Vic Balshaw

    Walking the Dogs.

    Since the daughter moved in with us about 3 months back, we parents have been walking the dogs most mornings. What follows apart from the first picture, is a typical mornings walk round the mountain and national park just a couple of streets back from our house. We were up at about 5:40am with...