1. Marcel

    Question on SS casualties

    There is a story here in the Netherlands on how SS casualties were quickly transported away from battlefields in order to keep up the myth that they were elite troops. This would hide the real death toll taken by the SS units. According to some the was mainly so in the first few years of the...
  2. v2

    The Man Who Volunteered For Auschwitz

    Warsaw, 1940. A man is rounded up in the street by the occupying German forces. He is beaten and imprisoned, then sent to Auschwitz – a place now synonymous with death and terror. For most, this was something to be avoided at all costs. But for this particular man, this was all in a day's work...
  3. DerAdlerIstGelandet

    Erwin Rommel's grave and site of his suicide.

    While on my trip back to Germany last month, I made a side trip out to the site where Rommel was forced to commit suicide and to his grave. Here are some pics. This was the first time I visited it since I was at the ceremony for the 50th anniversary of his death.