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    Birth Of The B-29 Superfortress Heavy Bomber

  2. Aviation History: The Fairey Barracuda

    Aviation History: The Fairey Barracuda

    The Fairey Barracuda is an unique design. It became the first aircraft in Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm to be fabricated entirely of metal. It would operate in si...
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    "Zapora" is a documentary on one of the most invincible commanders of the Polish independence underground, a “Silent Unseen” - Major Hieronim Dekutowski. It is a record of memories of his subordinates, , colleagues, friends and family members. From their stories emerges a picture of a man...
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    Lancaster Documentary

    Attached is the trailer of a documentary that was produced on the meeting of the two flying Lancasters. View:
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    Looking for surviving WWII veterans that were stationed in The Marianas for Doc. Film

    Hello everybody. I am new here, although I have been lurking for a while. I am making a documentary film about the men who served in the Marianas during WWII. Particularly Tinian and Saipan. I am looking for vets who I can interview on camera, as well as those who have letters, photos, etc...