1. H

    Engine piece

    Good Evening fellow enthusiasts, fresh member here. I joined because curiosity got the better of me today and wanted to try and see if i could identify which engine the con-rod that i have is originally from. Backstory: im based in northern Kent, UK so during the war, this area saw a lot of...
  2. M

    WWII German EZ42 and English Mk5 gun sight system operator and maintenance manual including wiring diagram

    WWII German EZ42 gun sight system operator and maintenance manual including wiring diagram. EZ42 was the German main fighter's gun sight, which were widely used on BF-109 and FW-190s, was capable at a speed of 1000km/h, which was even better than ASP-3N gun signt system on MIG-15! Please...
  3. C

    Otto Lutz's Swing Piston Engine

    I was looking at unconventional IC engines when I came across Otto Lutz's swing piston engine. Contemporary German turbines were having trouble coping with high temperature produced by the combustion chamber. To solve this problem Lutz's engine was supposed to be put in as a gas generator. It...
  4. IMG_7445_resized.jpg


    ME-163 Komet
  5. JU52 'Auntie'.JPG

    JU52 'Auntie'.JPG

  6. R

    Does anyone have any documents and the like on the Horten Ho 229?

    Hello, Does anyone have any documents, drawings or unique information on the Horten Ho 229? I am currently undertaking a project to put together a website on the Horten Ho 229. Looking forward to your replies, Ryan
  7. GrumpyOldCrewChief

    Me-261 Engine Exhaust routing

    OK, folks, here comes a real esoteric request. I have been researching this question for a loooong time, and have not found a definitive answer. The The Me-261 was powered by the legendarily wretched (underdeveloped, arguably) DB paired motor units. On most of the aircraft that shared the use of...
  8. Supermarine-SpitfireMkXIV

    PZL P11 vs Bf 110

    I think PZL P11 Ps they are in a dogfight
  9. Iron_Mike

    Need help identifying some finds / German Aircraft items

    Hi peeps! I'm a metal-detectorist and recently did some detecting on a former WW2 German airfield. Found a dump-pit with some relics which seem to be aircraft parts. Was wondering if you could help me out with identifying the items. If you need other (better?) pictures or measurements, please...
  10. Kalsonic

    A good website or book to learn on what radio communication units were used in the Eastern Front?

    From '41 to '45, between the Soviet and the German airforce. It would be great to know how such equipment performed too.
  11. S

    Groundcrew stories/bios

    Hi. Does anyone have knowledge about books by german luftwaffe groundcrew? I believe thier stories is just as intereresting as the pilots.
  12. v2

    It happened 76 years ago...The murder of Lwow proffesors by German in July 1941

    In 1941, the third year of the Second World War (WWII), Nazi Germany decided to attack the Soviet Union. The leadership of the Third Reich prepared this venture most thoroughly both in the politically and militarily. While attempting to destroy Poles as ideologically hostile nation, they...
  13. daveT

    German WWII Navigator Case & Map

    German WWII Navigator Case recently donated to the Jimmy Doolittle Center California. I'm looking for more information about it. Case included an interesting WWII map of Germany inside Looks like it came from Navigation Group L.K.S. 4 ( What does L.K.S. stand for?) Who used it? What type of...
  14. bobbysocks

    Generation War on Netflix

    this has been called the German "Band of Brothers". it is in German with English subtitles....I haven't watched it yet but the trailer looks good. Berlin, 1941. Five friends eager to become heroes in an adventure that will change the face of Europe - and that will forever change them as...
  15. Cybermat47

    German Night Fighters, 1940-41

    Would anybody be able to tell me, were German night fighters active over France in 1940-41?
  16. GregP

    Better Analysis of German Claims

    I took another shot at putting Tony Woods WWII East and West German Victory Claims into Excel and doing an analysis by pilot as well as by victim and date claimed. Thought it might give some food for thought. Check out the second and third tabs for some basic analysis. You can go look at...
  17. v2

    German Submarine washes up on the Coast of Argentina

    Something incredible has washed up on the coast of Argentina. Researchers believe it to be the remnants of a World War II German submarine or midget U-boat. What historians and researchers find most fascinating about this find is that this submarine makes it difficult to deny that that Nazis...
  18. GregP

    German Military Abbreviations

    Found a nice pdf of German Military Abbreviations. I've been looking for something like this for years, and so I figured maybe someone else might be, too.
  19. Thorlifter

    The Man in the High Castle

    Any of you guys watching this? Pretty good so far and it's getting very high praise from critics. It's an alternate history if Germany won the war, which V-A day was 1952. The US is divided between the Japanese on the west coast and German occupation on the east. Time is early 1960's View...
  20. gjs238

    Without National Socialism, what would Europe look like today?

    With no National Socialist German Workers' Party, what would have become of Europe post WWI?