1. Dronescapes

    X-47B Stealth Strike Fighter built for the U.S. Navy By Northrop Grumman

    X-47B Stealth Strike Fighter built for the U.S. Navy By Northrop Grumman. Documentary
  2. contrails16

    The N1K2-J Shiden Kai vs Its US Counterpart

    Hi all, I am writing this to firstly find out what was the exact plane that could be considered the Shiden Kai’s adversary, or main foe? I am also wondering, could the Shiden Kai out dogfight this foe through turning capability? I always hear the term Grumman thrown around but I can’t find out...
  3. W

    Grumman F4F Wildcat Communication System

    Hi everybody I'm new to this forum, and this is my first post. I hope somebody can help me with some questions I have. I'm not familiar at alle with the Wildcat, USN and USAAF in general, that's why I'm reaching out to you guys. - What kind of Radio equipment did the Grumman F4F Wildcat have...
  4. Hugh_T

    Grumman F4F: Stabiliser Question

    Continuing with my research on the construction of the F4F I have noticed that the leading edge of the Horizontal stabiliser drops by just under 0.5 degrees. Effectively an Anhedral and not a dihedral as one would expect. The main spar is set back by 1 degree and is perpendicular to the vertical...
  5. Hugh_T

    Grumman F4F: Wing Question

    I am currently studying the F4F wing structure and noticed that the wing ribs are not perpendicular to the wing chord as you would normally expect. Certainly, this is not something that I have come across before. I had previously studied the F6F and although another of the Grumman 'cats' the...
  6. P

    Does anyone have a best guess on how fast the Grumman XF5F Skyrocket was at sea level

    Grumman XF5F Skyrocket, 2 1200 hp radials and supposedly 380 mph at 20,000 feet. Best guess on top speed at sea level?
  7. tomo pauk

    B-2: The Spirit of Innovation Book

    Free download from Northrop Grumman: (please go down to post #3)
  8. mauld

    Grumman F8F-2P Bearcat

  9. Snautzer01

    eBay: Grumman Avenger

    part 1
  10. Fight2FlyPhoto

    Enjoy Warbird videos and photos?

    Greetings! My name is Jason and I just stumbled upon this place while looking up information about the Grumman F8F Bearcat and thought I'd join. Seems like a great hangout and perhaps some folks will enjoy some of the eye candy I enjoy weekly living next to two incredible collections of flying...
  11. Maxrobot1

    Grumman Avenger Ground Attack version for Europe?

    What if... The Army tried Dauntlesses and Helldivers but not Avengers. Think of a Grumman Avenger with an R-2800 instead of R-2600 plus its armament of 4 500 pounders, 8 rockets and two 20mm in the wings like the TBF-1C and consider the power operated .50 turret. What if the 9th AF had...
  12. S

    1950: Lavochkin La-9 v.s Grumman F8F-1B Bearcat

    Two of the last piston engine fighters from two families of aircraft with successful WWII combat histories, and on opposing sides at the onset of the Korean War not long before MiGs and Sabres usurped the fighter throne. Both very impressive performers, the Grumman setting a number of records...