1. G

    Please help identify, potentially spit wheel?

    Hello, I recently purchased this tail-wheel to a supposed spitfire, i was wanting to create a small stand to display this part and have a small plaque detailing what exactly it is however whenever i look up pictures to spitfire tail wheels they look somewhat different. Is this a spitfire wheel...
  2. contrails16

    What’s the Story?

    Hi all! I am a new member and am just curious, when did this forum open, and who were the founding members? I look forward to future aircraft discussions, thank you :)
  3. H

    Help finding WW2 service records

    Hi my granddad fought in WW2 sadly he died before I was born. He had two girls so didn't really talk much to them about the war. I have his medals but no paper work other then his certificate of Dunkirk which has a number at the bottom right, but I have no idea where to use the number. Any...
  4. W

    What happened to the B24 Liberator "The O-Bitch-U-Airy Mary"?

    My cousins grandfather flew aboard a ww2 american Consolidated B-24 Liberator bomber nicknamed "The O-Bitch-u-airy Mary". I recall that it was shot down over France and he survived but most of his crew, dear friends of his, did not. There was a photo hanging in his house of the plane and the...