1. luftwaffe officer

    luftwaffe officer

  2. Skimming


    Although the original has been sold I have uploaded this as an example of how little subject matter you can have to still make an exciting painting. Imagine (as I did) I was a young boy standing on a dune watching these two come towards me!
  3. Dangerous Pursuit

    Dangerous Pursuit

    A photo of an oil on canvas on two ME109s being pursued at a dangerously low level by ywo RAF Spitfires. It may not have been sensioble or possible to fly this low, but I claim artists licence.
  4. Wars Happen on Nice Days Too.

    Wars Happen on Nice Days Too.

    This photo is of a painting I have just finished (oil on board 5' x 3') which gives a very large aerial perspective and space for the subject an ME109.