1. MiTasol

    American Instrument Documents

    I am scanning some of my American instrument manuals and will post here. The first few are scanned from RAAF publication 413 and were printed on narrower paper than the US documents so were scaled down to fit. I have pdf'd them the size they are in RAAF 413. These are all compass documents...
  2. M

    Jet figher g-force suit military production standard and design manuals approved for public release

    G-force suits are used on jet fighters and spacefrafts, making the drivers suitable for high-g maneuvers including ejection for lives. Government-release manuals, approved for public release. Shared with no profit.
  3. Baball

    Dewoitine D.520 Manuals

    Two manuals for the Dewoitine D.520. Found on D.520 Characteristics, 1940 Description and Instructions for Use of the D.520 S Fighter Aircraft, 1940
  4. Baball

    Tupolev Tu-4 "Bull" Technical Manuals

    Technical manuals for the Tu-4 aircraft, dated 1949 and 1953. Book I, 1953 Book II - Chapter I, 1949 Book II - Chapter II, 1949 Book III - Chapter I, 1949 Crew Instructions, 1949
  5. Baball

    Bristol Beaufighter AP manuals

    Air Publication 1721 A, F & J Volume I for the Bristol Beaufighter. Found at
  6. Baball

    BMW-132 Manuals

    Manuals for the BMW-132A Motor BMW-132 (russian), dated 1944. Aircraft Engine BMW 132 A3 - E2, dated 1935.
  7. M

    Request for documents on the XB-32 and B-32 Dominator

    Hi folks, this is my first post here. Before I explain what I'm looking for, I figure I should give y'all some background. My name's Matt, I'm a sophomore in college majoring in Aeronautical Science and I've spent the last two years or so doing research on the B-32 on and off, as well as on a...
  8. P

    Best way to digitize manuals?

    Hey Guys I have a bunch of manuals I've been wanting to scan to pdf for awhile now. I have a handheld scanner but it seams to cut off the edges of the pages. What's the best way to scan these manuals should I just try and use a normal scanner like one attached to a printer, I'm just...
  9. fubar57


    All sorts of stuff here....[]=aircraft&sort=-downloads&page=2 Type "aircraft" into the search box. For some reason I can't post a direct link to the aircraft section Geo
  10. P

    Canberra Manuals

    Hi I am looking for Canberra manuals preferably Erection, Parts or Maintenance. Any RAAF Manuals would be best. Thanks in advance.
  11. W

    Reverse Engineering for manuals?

    If one nation managed to get their hands on another maintenance manuals detailing an engine, but not an engineering blue print for production, what was the threat of reverse engineering a copy of that engine from just those manuals?
  12. B

    link to website, loads of british used a/c manuals in pdf free

    Hi Just spent a couple of hours going thro the post on this site :- JimSan - Viewing Profile: Profile Feed - War Thunder - Official Forum click on topic button on left hand side of page then on show button by spoiler Manuals on almost everything. there is Blenheim, roc...
  13. I

    Looking for SBD-1 and SBD-2 erection and maintenance manuals

    Have been searching unsuccesfully for the SBD-1 and SBD-2 erection and maintenance manuals. Any help in finding them would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  14. R

    F-84F and F-84G Flight Manuals

    Does anyone have any Flight Manuals for the F-84G Thunderjet and F-84F Thunderstreak that they might be able to post/share? Thanks. Ron
  15. J

    Breda manuals

    Hi I found several Breda manuals at the forum Are there more manuals concerning Breda aeroplanes, civil and military and others? Where can I found these and/or how can I get them? Thanks Jan
  16. W

    Pe-2 manuals?

    Does anyone have any Pe-2 manuals?
  17. J

    Breda Turret and aircraft guns manuals

    Hi I have see Breda aircraft manuals, but who can tell me or help me with, other Breda manuals? Breda build aircraft Turrets but also aircraft guns? Please let me know? Jan
  18. MiTasol

    Assorted Australian Aircraft Manuals

    I am going to post a number of manuals including the DHA-3 Drover manual, 2 editions of the Wirraway Pilot Notes, Wirraway Overhaul and Repair, Boomerang Overhaul and Repair, Wackett Operating Instructions, not necessarily in that order. With each manual I will post a thumbnail of the first...
  19. A

    Beaufort Manuals Required!!!!

    Hi We are looking for any RAF or RAAF Beaufort manuals preferably the latter. I have attached a picture that also has title of some manuals we need. Anything that would help in the restoration of a Beaufort would also be greatly appreciated. BTW we are not the group in Caboolture.
  20. P

    Looking for Vampire Manuals

    Hi I am looking to get some Vampire Manuals. I have a variety of PN but am looking for erection and maintenance or repair manuals, tech orders, whatever may help in the restoration of a Vampire. Preferably the Aussie Mks but any will help. Thanks in advance.