1. fritzthefox

    Fantastic Flying Tales

    Fantastic Flying Tales is a 70-page softcover book containing eleven illustrated stories of aviation adventure. Eight of them are true. Two are historical fiction based on true events. One is arguably nonsense, but pretty funny. They are ALL lavishly illustrated, unusual and entertaining. This...
  2. A


    Hey y'all, Does anyone know if there are any surviving members of JV 44? Ground crew/aviators. Also, has anyone on here met any members of JV 44? Thank you
  3. ME-262 b.png

    ME-262 b.png

  4. ME-262 Squadron.png

    ME-262 Squadron.png

  5. P

    The Soviet executioner of Luftwaffe

    I share with you a collection of photos of the most produced Soviet fighter of all time, including some rare photos of the plane with Allied markings. We're talking about Yakovlev Yak-9, the first Soviet aircraft to shoot down a Me-262. To see a full report and the photos, visit the link below...
  6. gjs238

    Me-262: Future in light of engine development

    If the war, and German engine development, had continued, what would have become of the 2-engined Me-262? Would the aircraft have had progressively more powerful engines installed, or would the design have given way to 1-engine designs?
  7. Maxrobot1

    P-59 Airacomet combat version?

    Given that the jet engine was a very high priority in the U.S. I was wondering why the Army didn't just order Bell to "fix" the P-59 and get it ready for combat? Sure the P-59 wasn't a great plane from the start, but the P-80 had problems too and the Army must been expecting better engines...
  8. Maxrobot1

    Putty on joints to make skin flush

    On a modeler's forum, it was asserted that because putty was used to smooth out the sensitive laminar flow airfoil skin on P-51 wings, when the AAF went to bare metal, the P-51's wings were painted silver to hide the puttied seams. I have looked very closely at period color films and stills...
  9. Me262 "Alpine Victory"

    Me262 "Alpine Victory"

    Aviation artwork of Ron Cole
  10. Messerscmitt Me-262 Jet Fighter Starboard

    Messerscmitt Me-262 Jet Fighter Starboard

    I don't normally do jets, but this is WWII vintage, and too hard to resist. As archaic as it was, it is still one hot looking aircraft.