1. Supermarine-SpitfireMkXIV

    Spitfire vs Hurricane

    During the BATTLE OF BRITAN! I take the Hurricane! They destroyed more German aircraft than all the other British aircraft and air defences combined!
  2. Cookie bomb

    Can anyone recognize this bomb

    I got this yesterday from the antique center at EX RAF Hemswell, has anyone got any idea what is is? You can see a red detonator through the hole in the end. The only markings are the stencils you can see (36\SM MK1 MOD3) no stamps that I can find. Could it be an inert practice round, USAF...
  3. ozhawk40

    **** FINISHED: 1/48 Supermarine Spitfire 1 - Defense of Britain/Atlantic

    Username: Ozhawk40 First name: Peter Category: Advanced Scale: 1/48 Manufacturer: Airfix Model Type: Supermarine Spitfire Mk. I Aftermarket additions: Montex paint masks, Eduard seat belts, decals from the spares box. Details: Spitfire Mk1 AZ-Q X4009 234 Squadron as flown by Flight...
  4. Lancaster Mk1S

    Lancaster Mk1S

    Changed background