1. horseUSA


    The site will be down for maintenance this Friday 10AM Eastern time (UTC -5). Moving to new server Switching forum software to XenForo Proper HTTPS support Other tweaks and site cleanup Downtime to last a few hours There will be a Maintenance Page which will provide updates as...
  2. bobbysocks

    proper tools for the restoration of old british roadsters

    years ago when i owned an auto parts store i came across this. one of my customers was a triumph, mg, mini dealer. they all used cutting edge lucas electrical systems. being from the colonies we were not accustomed to such high tech systems. once the dealer let me in on the trade secret all...
  3. fubar57

    **** DONE: 1/48 Macchi C.200 - Mediterranean Theater of Operations

    User Name: fubar57 Name: George Category: Advanced Kit: Italeri Accessories: None OK....I went with option D.... The challenge here will be to break up the monotony of black. Geo