1. Dronescapes

    Things you might not know about the Junkers Ju 87

    Junkers Ju 87. What you may not know about the Stuka, the German bomber and ground-attack aircraft.
  2. Grant Barr

    1/48 Italeri Junkers Ju-87 R2 Stuka

    For my next project I was looking to build a model almost out of the box. For this I chose a Ju-87 by Italeri from the stash. Whilst I say "OOB" I am sure that some minor scratching and enhancements will creep into the build, but the aim is to keep this one as simple as possible. I'd like to...
  3. Stuka Winter Trees1.jpg

    Stuka Winter Trees1.jpg

  4. Stuka Winter Clouds.jpg

    Stuka Winter Clouds.jpg

  5. Stuka S2-NM5c.jpg

    Stuka S2-NM5c.jpg

    Ju-87 Stuka, S2-NM
  6. ArmouredSprue

    Ju87G-2 Kanone Vogel (Academy 1/72)

    Hi all Here is my latest finished model. Academy Ju87G-2 Tank Buster in 1/72nd scale. Mostly out of the box except for: Eduard pre-painted PE seat belts, Master brass cannons, scratch-built piping and details on cannons gondolas, correction and re-scribing of a few panel lines and scratch-built...
  7. Torch

    Stuka pilot interview

  8. P

    Stuka in unusual versions

    During ww2, the Luftwaffe tested some versions of his famous dive bomber JU-87 Stuka. The link below provides a small colection of pictures, some rare and unknown to me, these versions. I hope you enjoy. Aviação em Floripa: Variantes do Ju-87 Stuka Best Regards
  9. Ju87 Stuka

    Ju87 Stuka

    from L’histoire de l’Aviation by Hergé, 1950s
  10. W

    JU/87 'Stuka' Aircraft Systems

    Hello, I am currently doing a school project on the JU/87 for my Aircraft Systems class and I am in dire need of help. Wikipedia and the School's aircraft encyclopedia are great for getting barebones information about the Stuka but I am looking for a more in depth explanation about the...
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  12. ju87 stuka

    ju87 stuka