1. Dronescapes

    The story of Gary Powers and the U-2 Spy Plane that was shot down over the USSR

    The story of Gary Powers and the U-2 Spy Plane that was shot down over the USSR, and the inspiration for the movie: "Bridge Of Spies"
  2. M

    Need help identifying the aircraft Bell P-39 Airacobra

    Good afternoon, my name is Maxim Vasilyevich, I am a member of the search group from Belarus. We are looking for dead soldiers of the Great Patriotic War on the territory of Belarus. We recently discovered the remains of a Soviet assembly that was shot down in 1944. The plane turned out to be a...
  3. Dimlee

    A tale of a sausage flight

    The story is sad and "very Soviet". I still remember how it was discussed by my senior relatives who served in the Soviet Navy. A shock and disbelief at first and the anger mixed with "yes, it's how everything is f***ed up here" later, when the cause of the crash became known.
  4. Dimlee

    German-Soviet peace 1942/1943, air war

    Separate peace between Germany and USSR and its impact on the air war from early 1943. Berlin and Moscow have reached understanding and ceased the fire at the end of 1942 or early 1943. Not later the end of March 1943 (after the Battle of Kharkov). A new pact is signed, followed by a number of...
  5. Dimlee

    Konstantin Kalinin, in Memoriam

    Kalinin, Konstantin Alekseyevich. (1887-1938) WWI and Russian Civil War aviator and USSR aircraft designer. 70 years ago, 22 Oct 1938 shot in the back of the head in the corridor of NKVD prison in Voronezh. His de-facto death warrant "rasstrelny spisok" (list for execution) preceding the warrant...
  6. gjs238

    P-39 vs P-40

    In the Which aircraft would you cancel? thread there was some support of the P-39. So why was the P-39 so favored in USSR, yet the P-40 so favored by the US, Britain, etc?
  7. W

    How much did Soviet aero-production depend on Lend-Lease?

    Looking at comparative GDP numbers the Soviet Union reached a low of about half of Germany alone (not including Austria) and staged a small recovery in 1943 before seriously recovering in 1944 and then dropping down again in 1945. Military production during World War II - Wikipedia, the free...
  8. J

    What if the eastern front closed down in spring 43?

    A couple of threads right now discuss the consequences of ww2 not having happened, at least at the historical time. The problem, in my opinion, is that it is impossible to Guess what would have happened after september 39. The argument that the Germany couldn't have launched the war in, say, 45...
  9. J

    Breda in Spain and USSR

    Hai During my inquiry I found the information: 1 Breda Ba.64 to Spain 2.Breda Ba.64 and Ba.65 to USSR Who can give any information concerning there history and further pictures/colors would be interresting? Thanks Jan