2005 Palos Verdes Concours d'Elegance

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Tech Sergeant
Dec 26, 2003

Got to spend a few hours around nothing but fapping gorgeous and unique cars... :D :D :D :D

Unfortunately, I missed the car parade and awards, so I could not hear all the cars... However, the Iso Grifo 7 Liter makes the most fappingly-delish sound ever to come out of an engine... Beat a Ferrari 330GT in the sound department, in my opinion...

Without further ado, here are some random pictures...

(Note high-tech bits on this 1961 300SL Roadster...)

(Best. Sound. Ever.)

(The plate reads 565hp. I don't doubt it. :D)

In a word, Sumptuous. :)

(First production Thunderbird)
(Ferrari 250 Lusso for CC... Very lush, even if the color isn't...)

(Factory turbocharged Thunderbird)

PHEW! DONE! :lol:

In case you want them all, here is a 67.49 megabyte file including all 165 photos...
250GT Lusso...

250GT Lusso...

250GT Lusso...

250GT Lusso...

250GT Lusso...

250GT Lusso...

Sorry. Why isnt it Red or Black? Shoot the owner in the face.
zerum said:
Fantastic, nice picture of one of my favorite cars,Iso grifo 7 litri

It's also one of mine, especially after I heard it running... :twisted: :D :shock: *FAP!*

It beat out a Ferrari V-12 (1969 330GT) in sound quality, I tell you! 8)

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