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A-26 '555

Jul 21, 2023
Hello all,
I am restoring A-26B 44-34555, which flew with the 319th BG, 437th BS, Okinawa 1945. Tail number 08.

I am looking for ANY and all photos of 319th aircraft in an effort to get as many details correct as possible. There is supposedly a photograph of this ship, with the rudder painted, that I would particularly like to find.

Thanks in advance to all the A-26 experts out there!
Dark blue tail, with 08 in white.....

Page up to Color Plate 3. Doesn't show the plate, but you should be able to find a copy of the book. Abebooks has used copies for under 10$, new can be found for under 30$


More https://www.aerialvisuals.ca/AirframeDossier.php?Serial=75427
More current photos and info here:

Thanks for the responses!
Jim Roeder's book has been a fantastic resource. Seems like just the lead ships got painted. 01, 13. From the text, the author received images "showing a third Invader ('08' 44-34555) in the process of receiving the groups blue color at Machinato. The pictures show that the rudder was painted blue, while the remainder of the tail had yet to be resprayed." Page 184.

It's definitely a basket case, but it's a worthy airframe.

I'm looking for wartime photos of any A-26 operating with the 319th, blue tailed or not. This seems to be a hard unit and airframe combination to find good photos of, due to the rush into service, and end of the war.

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