a little OT but

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Jun 4, 2010
some times you just have to say WTF



Benevolens Magister
Aug 24, 2008
Cheshire, UK
I wonder when General Electric started producing unlicensed copies of the English Electric (late BAC) Lightning F6, an aircraft which, although not beautiful, was far from ugly, and remained the fastest interceptor in the World until the advent of such 'modern', ugly aircraft as the F-16 ?
I think that BAe might have something to say about the incorrect title !!


Major General
All in good fun. Wish we could discuss the relative beauty of various birds over a few pints weekly...if it wasn't for this damn ocean.

And I would be the first to buy you one my friend, even though you may suffer from some sort of confusion over the EE (real) Lightning being ugly !

Methinks you mistake it with that fake P-38 two broomstick and ironing board thingy ! :lol:


Benevolens Magister
Aug 24, 2008
Cheshire, UK
That, old boy, is a terrible insult to broomsticks and ironing boards !
But it would be nice to have a forum meeting over a few pints. Maybe if we hire a ship, and have a mid-Atlantic soiree ?
I just hope that the ****-up in the title doesn't reflect the, er... quality of the product ......


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Oct 30, 2013
Funny how all the things added on take a sleek mean looking plane and make it seem like a flying brick. Could the lightning do mach 2.0+ wityh all the tanks and missiles attached?

Capt. Vick

Jul 23, 2008
Long Island, New York
THAT lightning, that modern pretender to the thrown, didn't fly so much as the ground rejected it.

And on to other matters. I always thought of Iceland as a convenient meeting place for the new and old world to meet. Maybe a yearly, or every other year, planes, plastic and potent potables party.


Generalfeldmarschall zur Luftschiff Abteilung
Why Iceland? Why not a nice, tropical retreat?

Besides, after a long night of swapping lies, arguing over how many rivets were used on the cowling of the MC.202 and why the Germans didn't invade Gibraltar, it would be far safer.

In saying safer, I mean that Irish yoga is better done on a warm, tropical beach than in a polar environment where frostbite robs a person of fingers, toes and "other" extremities...

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