A target tug Hurricane in 1944?

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    Hi to all

    I wonder if someone could help me with the following.

    I was reading the Apendix IV “Production, Allocation and History of Hurricanes” of the Hawker Hurricane book by Manson (page 245) when I found the following:

    LB891: Mk IIC (target tug conversion; guns removed) N° 73 OTU, 1944

    LB893: Mk IIC (target tug conversion; guns removed) N° 73 OTU, 1944

    I have never hear about a Hurricane converted to a target tug aircraft. I imagine that they had suffered some kind of modification in the rear part of the fuselage (below?).

    I posted this issue on another Forum and they told me that it is probably that wartime target tug Hurricane were fitted with a hook under the fuselage for attaching the drogue as Postwar Tempests.

    Another interesting point is that 73 OTU was based at Fayid, in Egypt (it was the Thunderbolt OTU).

    It would be great if we can get the information to build one of these target tug Hurricane.

    Many thanks in advance

    Kind regards

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