A6M3 Operations manual

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Aug 21, 2006
A6M3 Operations manual and blue prints. All in Japanese. Copy's of the orginal drawings. Found at the Japanese Center for asian records.

You will need to unzip this file from a RAR format because the website does not accept DjVu files. Then to view the file you will need to install a DjVu Viewer. Sorry for the complecation of this file. Its in the format on how I got it from the above.

A DjVu viewer can be downloaded from here LizardTech - Homepage

Any translators out there

Enjoy Micdrow :lol:


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Can somebody switch this file to PDF?

I am not familiar with .djvu format (it doesn't sound very good either).

Thank you Micdrow
Can somebody switch this file to PDF?

I am not familiar with .djvu format (it doesn't sound very good either).

Thank you Micdrow

I got to agree with you Gadget that it didnt sound very good to me either. But Ive seen more and more area's starting to go to this. Its creates more compact files then pdf. I tried exporting one page to bmp format from a djvu file and it came out to 80 meg. This file has around 78 pages so it would be a huge pdf file. Quality was also sacrificed in the process and this manual is hard to read even in djvu. Maybe one of our fellow members know and eaiser way with the same quality.

Well Deja-vu is an open source programm using a special algorithm. So the main reason to use it - ITs free.
There are a lot of plug ins - I found a converter to .TIF and. pdf and will give it a trial soon.
It was made for librarys to give good screen performance . .pdf is mainly developed for good print quality.

Ive try these document converter - its an trial version and add an water mark to the pdf's.

You couldt download a free trial version here

Universal Document Converter - Official Home Page

In the top right corner you couldt choose english language.

After download and installation you couldt use it as an "printer" alike .pdf.

Open Dejavu and chlick the printer, now choose document converter and choose convert to .pdf.

The .pdf where stored in a file called "UDC snapshots" on your desktop.

Funny to see that they start with the last page - jpn. book titel pages are at the "last" site for us :).


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