Adrian Warburton's Spitfire... Anyone have a Picture?

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As he said, I also suggest Google. Look up Supermarine Spitfire or something like that. You might also want to look at the stormbirds gallery.
I have the format that the game will run by, if accepted.

There are 3 main forces. German, British, and American. For each Nation there will be a Commander of the Airforce and then a Vice Commander. After that are fleet leaders and then squadron leaders.

This is all for now. Will add more.
nevermind that last post
yep it was gonna go on my plan for da PBeM sorry bout that

This is a Picture of his Wrecked F-5 Lighting in which he was killed in.

Hot Space
i've 2 or 3 pictures of a real spitfire.
I can send to your e-mail.

Good luck

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