AH-4 Apache vs black hawk

Who would win

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While I did laugh at it, let’s knock it off with insults and disparaging comments about ANY administration (past or present). God knows enough can be said about the previous one too.

1. It has no place in this forum.

2. All it does is open a can of worms leading to arguments.

3. It will get the complete ban on politics brought back.
its a comparison of their power.
To be able to compare 2 things, they must be in same category, of same type, era and technology.

You also must have some stats like speed, Weight, Engine input and output and many many more "specifications" that even I don't know about them.

You can't compare a modern day plane with WW2 era plane ... Tactics, strategies, and many more things, have changed and are changing.
I give up.

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