Air Group Nine Avengers, Yorktown, April 1945

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    Hope this is the right place to bring up this question.
    I'm doing a painting of Air Group Nine Avengers attacking the cruiser Yahagi on April 7, 1945.
    I am in contact with 3 veteran Avenger pilots from Air Group nine but none have pictures of their planes or remember how they were painted (after 65 plus years who can blame them). I know they had a large white marking on the tail and rudder and a white triangle on the upper right wing. I think the planes were overall dark blue but not sure about this. Need to also know the numbers on the planes and where the numbers were located. Pictures would be Great!
    I've been doing lots of searches but cannot find pictures of these planes, maybe not looking in the right places.
    Can anyone help?
    Thanks in advance,

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