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Mar 10, 2003
Florida, USA
Aircraft of World War II members,

I have a Bad news Good news story about the site and the last week.
On 2-8-05 we had a hacker attack the server, which resulted in a root-kit being installed along with many breaking critical components for server operation. That is the bad news, which includes the week down period involving two reimages of the server and many headaches.
Now onto the good news! All information was backed up thus nothing was lost in the attack, and no information was compromised.
This email is just to let all Aircraft of World War II members know the site is back up with added security measures(internally), and as good as ever. For those users who have not visited the site for a bit please stop back in and check out all the new discussion and features.

Thanks for your patience in this matter
Site Admin
Aircraft of World War II

Update Site Status:
After the server came back online this morning, a file was moved(my fault) which resulted in a 403 Forbidden error being display to all visitors. This problem was solved within an hour, but I have received many emails about the error. Again, the site is back up and running fine, sorry to those who ran into this error, and enjoy the non 403 Forbidden version.
You really should have told us that first part, lanc. It being up and you being there...

Anywho, well it all goes to show there are still lamers in the world.

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