Aircraft Pictorial books on sale - half price, US only.

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Dana Bell

Senior Airman
Sep 17, 2016
I've recently cut the sale prices on my Aircraft Pictorial series books. The offer is available through Amazon for delivery to US addresses only - sorry, but previous problems with international shipping have forced me to limit myself to domestic orders. Here are the titles and links:

SB2U Vindicator - ... 35&sr=1-12

OS2U Kingfisher - ... 35&sr=1-10

F4F Wildcat - ... 6e7b0f409c

Long-nosed P-40s - ... 6e7b0f409c

F4U-1 Corsair Part 1 - ... 35&sr=1-11

F4U-1 Corsair Part 2 - ... 743&sr=1-1

OD and Neutral Gray - ... =1-1-fkmr2

In the meantime, work continues on my book on US Navy WW2 aircraft camouflage - I hope to have lots of new information to share later this year!


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Many thanks, gents!

Fubar - I wish our respective post offices made things just a bit easier...

Capt Vick - Things might get a bit more interesting this autumn. 'Till then, thanks for getting them all!

Snautzer - I appreciate the referral - I'll sign up there shortly!

Cheers, all!

When ordering more than one book (I wish to order 3 and shipping is shown as $12.87), how does one get combined shipping? Thanks.
Hi WillGoss,

I don't have a way to combine shipping on Amazon. When I started shipping with them I used to refund the excess, but Amazon counted this as me rectifying a mistake I'd made and sent me warnings about correcting my business model. (This somehow cut into their profits.) The only encouragement I can offer is that a book I'd normally sell for $18 at a model convention is now $13 with the equivalent of "free shipping." Wish I could do better on this...



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