Aircraft scoring system

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Apr 10, 2006
Vivian, Louisiana
OK, in an effort to scientifically figure out this "Best aircraft of whatever" threads, I propose a conglomerate standard to measure by. Here's how it works:

1. Determine criteria to measure aircraft. Unit cost, performance, firepower, armor, etc.

2. Associate a value with each parameter - 0 - 100, based on importance of the parameter

3. Cross-reference data points of each aircraft, with the highest score in each parameter being maximum points, with others being expressed as a percentage of the maximum.

4. Tally the points, and bingo - a winner!

1. Top speed is the criteria.
2. Associated value is 50 points.
3. The fastest aircraft we are looking at has a top speed of 350 mph, and earns 500 points. Another aircraft we are looking at has a top speed of 325 mph, and earns 46.4 points (325 divided by 350 times 50)
4. Since top speed is the only criteria, the faster plane wins by 3.6 points.

This works best with multiple data points. For example long range interceptors, you could want to see weight of fire, fuel consumption, range, maneuverability, and unit cost (for example). Range could be 100 points, maneuverability could be 85, weight of fire could be 70, fuel consumption could be 35, and unit cost could be 25. You would plug in your aircraft, and automatically get a winner, provided no dissent on the scoring system. The catch is to agree to the scores prior to adding them up.

Any takers?
I tried the same type approach in another forum and there was no agreement at all. I suggested top speed, cruise speed, rate of climb, wing loading, power loading, range, service ceiling, and armament (weight of fire multiplied by muzzle velocity). I also suggested we either add them up or multiply them together.

I didn't work, but I wish you LUCK ...

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