Albion AM463 RAF Refueller pics needed.

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Sep 11, 2006
Hi All,

My first post and a slghtly OT request. Oleg Maddox and the chaps who are making the flight sim Storm of War: Battle of Britain are having trouble sourcing information on this early war RAF refueller lorry. There is a thread here showing what has been found so far:

SimHQ Forums: BoB: Help with a vehicle please

Does anyone here have any pics/ drawings or blueprints of it? It seems that many were made but all have now disappeared. They are also looking for early war British anti aircraft gun info.

Thanks for any help,

RedToo, did you ever get anyone to respond to your request for info (especially blue prints) for the Albion AM463?
I'm a huge fan of the vehicle and have only found a basic manual.


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