Alone Behind EnemyLines. B-17 Flying Fortress Col. Hal Weekley And J. Sinise

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Feb 26, 2022
Alone Behind EnemyLines. B-17 Flying Fortress Col. Hal Weekley And J. Sinise.


Standing on the left, 2nd Lt Harold Weekley and his crew of the 398th Bomb Group beside B-17 4...jpg

Kneeling left to right: T/Sgt Joseph Skarda S/Sgt Gene F. Leonard S/Sgt Robert F. Stickel S/Sgt Charles Stombaugh Standing left to right: 2nd Lt Harold D. Weekley 2nd Lt Benjamin Clark Jr. 2nd Lt Paul M. James F/O Raymond S. Delbart.
Harold "Hal" Weekley was shot down on 13 August 1944 on his 20th mission in B-17 42-102516, bombing a bridge at Le Manoir, France. The crew bailed out at 25,000 feet, all survived, some captured, some evaded.
"I evaded for six weeks and returned to base after being involved in behind-the-lines activities. I was the first 398th crew member to return to base from occupied Europe." Hal stayed in the Air Force for some 30 years and afterward became an inspector for the FAA.
Returned to England on 22 September 1944 from Missing in Action (MIA) status.
Hal was reassigned to the USA as a B-17 instructor. He also trained jet instructor pilots during the Korean and Vietnam wars. After retiring from the Air Force, he worked with the Federal Aviation Administration for 14 years.
He has amassed more than 20,000 hours in 97 different types of aircraft and his certificates include airline transport pilot and airplane multi-engine land with type ratings in the DC-9, B-727, and CV-240/340/440.

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