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Jan 1, 2006
What was the range?
What was the armament?

What was the max. speed?
What was the range?
What was the crew?
What was the weight empty?
What was the wingspan?
What was the armament?
What was the bomb load?
Hi, i'm Nerijus from Anboland (Lithuania)

Brief about Anbo IV 41:


Anbo IV prototype. Near designer of airplanes Antanas Gustaitis

ANBO-IV. This aircraft was a two-seater parasol type monoplane, designed for reconnaissance purposes. Also used as a light bomber. The prototype was tested on July 14,1932. Construction of the fuselage - riveted aluminum tubing, fabric covered. The prototype utilized 450 HP "Wasp" and 535 HP A.S. "Panther" engines. In 1934-1935 two series of this type were built, each consisting of seven airplanes. Engines for serial production were 580 HP Bristol "Pegasus" II L2 and II M2. Max. speed 290 km/hr, max. ceiling 8 km. Flight distance - 800 km. Armament: four machine-guns "Browning" and 144 kg bombs. Three of the first series of ANBO-IVL, under the leadership of Antanas Gustaitis, in 1934 visited many European countries.


The first Anbo 41

ANBO-41. This is an improved type of ANBO-IV. The prototype was tested in 1936. ANBO-41 had a more powerful engine, three-bladed propellers and somewhat changed construction of the wings and of their fastening. In 1937 and 1939 two series of ANBO-41 were built, a total of 20 units (with the prototype). 930 HP Bristol "Pegasus" XI engines were used. Max. speed - 360 km/hr. Carried 200 kg bomb load.

More (sorry, text only Lithuanian) :


Anbo 41

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