another question re 1946

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Jan 15, 2007
Ok, The version that I got has all the old games as well as 1946. Are the missions just mixed in together? Also, not too many RAF planes - just navy ones. Enlighten me please :)
Am used to playing warbirds online against other peops, so that is my baseline.
The missions are sort of just mixed in together, I suppose. You still just choose them in Pilot Careers - Country - then from a drop down list you choose your campaign. There's not a whole lot to tell you what campaign came from what game, but the 1946 ones are The Rebel and Burning Streak in Germany, and then VVS 46 for the Soviet Union. There may be others. There are several RN planes, but the RAF gets plenty too, just you have to download any western Europe campaigns from the internet, as the only RAF campaign is in Singapore.

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