any info on the exp-55 Ascender

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if your looking for the aircraft itself. The kalamazoo airzoo in michigan has there's restored back to static condition and on display. At least that is what there web site says. I seen the aircraft when it first got there and it was in really good condition. It's on lone from the smithsonian. I havn't gotten down to see it yet but I'm hoping to this year. most likely in the winter months.
About WW2 vintage, you may look at the recent thread about the japanese 'Shinden' in this forum,
plus some German studies of 'tailless' desings, of which the Henschel 75 was a canard
Henschel Hs P.75 Luft '46 entry

About canards design in general.. they started with the Orville brothers (the 'flyer' was in effect a canard) and they continue today, specially in Europe and Russia: see XF 31, Typhoon, Rafale, Saab Viggen and Gripen, Sukhoi 30, 35 and 37 etc...
You can alos look for the Italian SAI SS4 -
An all-metal canard fighter test-flown 1939-41.

It handled very well, but was too different for easy conversion of existing factories, and the training program was too different, so the Italian Command decided to skip it.

The P-55 Ascender and the SAI SS4's canards had moveable control serviceces; the Japanese Kyushu's canard did not move, and was for stabilization only.

Uncle Ted
I went up to the airzoo the other day and saw the xp-55. I was rather surprised at how small the canard was. I have a couple of pics but there not very good.


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Looks interesting. An interesting field of research. The Me-163 Comet although a rocket plane fits into this as a tailless plane. Not in the same category but it does have all its drive at the back.
Okay, I slipped up there. Well unconventional tail anyway as it lacks the side stablizers. Interesting aircraft.

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