Avro 707B

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Jun 23, 2006
London Ontario Canada
Introducing the "Avro 707B" - at Dunsfold, near Guildford. Known as the "Flying Triangle", because of its Delta wing formation. It is an experimental research machine.
Thanks for sharing. I love the fact that the test pilot is wearing a pin-stripe suit :p

PS. I recently bought a resin 1/72 model of the 707C that looks a lot like a mini-Vulcan.
If I remember rightly - at one stage one of the Avro 707s was in a museum in Aus. Camden?

It was privately owned for many years by a fella in Melbourne after he bought it from the Ministry of Supply following trials with the RAAF, and he stuck it in his garden! Dunno if it was at Camden, but its now with the RAAF Museum at Point Cook. Two others survive, one in storage at Cosford and the other on display at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, both of which owned by the RAF Museum.
Introducing the "Avro 707B" - at Dunsfold, near Guildford.

Of course, Roly Falk gets in the cockpit, but it's the Stig that takes it round the Top Gear test track... (yes, Top Gear is/was filmed at Dunsfold).

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