b-17 tattoo

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Jul 3, 2006
hi every one im new here, i want to get a b-17 tattoo, but havent been able to find the right photo yet, i want a picture of the b-17 in action, with the top turret looking up, mabey one engine feathered, a bit beat up by flak and fighter attacks, something that shows what the b-17 could take and still come home safe. any help would be appricated, thanks.
Try this one....


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My recommendation is to make it a back piece and get it done in grey scale like a pencile drawing. That would look good. All of my tattoos are done like this and I love them.
Kind of like these here. Turn them into whole scenes and use the art work as an entire back piece. That would be impressive.


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thanks for pictures and advice DerAdlerIstGelandet, any way you could show your tattos?
:D Plus mine get shown off too then.
Hey, I just got a custom tattoo of my fathers B-17 . I'll post it soon.


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I have one.... got the name "Squirrel" tattooed on my left shoulder in 1952
in Jax, Fla. It was a nickname as a youngster.

Since then I've had an auto accident and they had to remove
most of the muscle in my left shoulder. Now the tattoo looks like
the tattoo artist hiccuped !

Remind me to show you my birthmark (!)

That sounds like an awesome tat..with the beautiful lady painted on the side..and definitely a backpiece. I'd love to see picts when its done. :D

I have 6 of them. I have one more I'd like to get. THEN i'm thinking i'm done, mayyyybe. ;)
I always liked this one... and in fact met the pilot of that B-17 and got an autographed print a couple weeks ago.


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