B-17's at Pearl Harbor December 1941

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Finally found the photocopy in my files of Ernest Reid's logbook entry for 7Dec41, which verifies which aircraft he flew from Hamilton to Hickam... 40-2070.

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This calls into question how the heck one can interpret dates on the history cards. Maybe someone such as Dana Bell might be able to help with this. The mystery continues. ;)

Mike Wenger

Could he have made an error on the serial number? According to a couple secondary sources, and supported by their AHC's , 40-2074 was the aircraft destroyed at Hickam on 7 Dec 41. 2070 soldiered until it was surveyed at Hendricks Field, Sebring in Jan 43.
Well, you're correct (Thanks!). Swenson's 40-2074, tail# 31/39B IS the correct info. Actually, I do have the correct number in the Hickam book, thank heavens. The tail number is from a photo of Swensen's wreakage dozed off of the apron against Hangar 5. Have been meaning to do a build of the Minicraft B-17C with his markings for years.

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