Bearn's cargo

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Jan 13, 2006
When French CV Bearn left Halifax in 1940 she was loaded with aircraft for France ship was diverted to Martinique upon fall of France.
What aircraft were types and how many were on Bearn, did cruiser Joan of Arc also embark aircraft?
Here is what I have found for you:

"During the German invasion of France, Bèarn was dispatched to the United States to ferry new aircraft which had been ordered from that country, including Vought Vindicators and Grumman Wildcats. Neither aircraft reached its destination before the surrender of France in 1940, and the Béarn instead sought harbor in Martinique, too obsolete to participate in naval operations of the Free French fleet. Instead, in 1944, she was converted to an aircraft transport, a role which was valuable to the Allied effort but meant she would never operate in her original role in the war."éarn

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