Best Bomber

Best Bomber of WWII?

  • Mosquito

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  • Lancaster

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  • B-24

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  • B-29

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  • B-17

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  • B-25

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  • Do-17

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  • Ju-88

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  • He 177

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I'm going to have to go generic on this one and vote B-17. From what I've seen, she's a very stable bird, could take a lot of damage, and it was near suicide to attack one alone.

My .02


I suppose that logic dictates that by rights any aircraft that was designed later in the war should be an improvement on previous ones. in terms of heavy bombers the Superfortess should come out on top however my personel choice is the Avro Lancaster as until the advent of the Superfortess no other bomber could carry the same payload (this reached 22000 lbs when hauling the grand slam as used against the Tirpitz) and at the end of the day before the advent of smart/guide ordenance it was weight of payload that was everything.
The losses incured by the daylight raids mainly carried out by the USA only was eased by the introduction of the truly great Mustang enabelling close fighter air cover right to the target. Mr James Stewart once said that the german fighters would pass so quickly that the best a gunner could hope to do was to put some lead in his way and hope he flew into it.
Reading between the lines i think Mr Stewart didn't think lots of guns helped a great deal when confronted with a fighter aircraft that was twice your speed.
My mothers cousin served on lancs as a tail gunner but unfortunately never made it through the war being shot down in 1942.
Perhaps our own national pride may sway us if the choice is tight between one aircraft or another but i can honestly say that i have not let this cloud my choice in this matter.

All the best guys Trackend
obviously, my name kind of tells you what i think allready, but I'm gonna tell you bout it anyway. the first great thing about the lanc. has little to do with the plane it's self. How many planes as sucsessfull as the lancaster have been pulled out of the ashes of a, to be blunt, crap plane? The lanc. is one of them, as it came out of the hugely unsecsessfull avro manchester, they just made the fusilage bigger, put on bigger wings, and a couple more engines. delivered in 1941 it took on the role of night bomber, where it exelled. Very few planes have ever been so decisive in a war before as the lanc. ofcorse it's claim to fame was when 19 aircraft of the newly formed 617 squadren took part in the "dambusters" raid, provind how great the planes were, and indeed how skillled the crew were, even if the mission wasn't much of a sucsess from a tactical point of view.
the b-17 would be nothing without the escort of the mustangs.........
It has to be the Lancaster, with the B17 and Mosquito close behind
My grandfather flew B-17 Bombers in the "Bloody Hundreth" and statistics show that the B-17 was the best bomber in the European theater but it would be nothing without the North American P-51 Mustang escorts (He admits it!).
I mean is impervius
i go with b29 because 1. it could carry any bomb of the war even grand slam if modified to 2. thou not used much it could amazingly outrun jap fighters and if it had made it in time for eto those nazis would have been smashed in maybe half the the time with half the planes but the problem is since its bigger than b17 it would be an easier target for me262 but i go with b29 and on a side note:it looks awesome
but for attack bomber i go with B-25H Mitchell for its AMAZING load of 1x75mm cannon 8xforward facing .50cal brownings 2x.50 in dorsal turret 2x.50 cal in waist on each side 2x.50's in tail 8x127mm rockets under wings and a torpedo or 3,000lbs of bombs
yup for me its the lancaster again, i was tempted to go with the the ju 88 cos i kinda like german planes, but from what ive been told the lancaster was great so it wins my vote
yes, my name doesn't permit me to say other wise, but it was the lancaster

btw, i think i'm the one that told cheddar chesse all the info bout the lanc. :eek:oops:
The lancaster was great for the early war years and was still far supirior to anything the germans had. But logic (and statistics) dictate that the later the bomber was designed, the better it should be. And the B-29, with its remotly controlled turrents, pressurized cabin, huge bomb load, fast speed and not no mention big boy and fat man, it is easily the best bomber of the war.

anyone saying the the ju88 is better than that is an idiot (no offence to whoever voted for it) :D
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