Best gameing joystick

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What do you think is the best gameing joystick ?.

I personaly own the Logitech Wingman Extreme 3D pro,
And the bext gameing joystick comes from the cockpit of an F16...
My old stick was a Logitech Wingman Extreme 3D Pro, and it was a great joystick. I wore out the twist feature a long time ago, playing MechWarrior 4. :rolleyes:
I now use a Saitek X45. It took a bit of getting used to, but it's a pretty decent unit IMO.


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The X52 looks like a killer set, alright! The only thing I liked better about the X45 was the rocker switch on the throttle, for rudder control. The X52 reverted back to the twist handle, but otherwise it looks to be a substantial improvement.

Plus, the X45 was cheaper. ;)
If fly with a Gravis Xterminator dual control

it works really good.

befor i bought this one i had a wingman warrior

wich was a really good one 2.

but i want to buy one with force feedback.. but im not shure wich one ;)
Force feedback would either be great fun or extremely annoying :lol:

Have linked to my of the reviews says:

I found the stick awful around its neutral point, requiring continual 'hands-on' adjustment to keep a plane flying straight and level

Freak. Thats realistic! ;)

Its a great stick 8)
No, not really. It has three mode settings though, so you can actually map three different buttons profiles into it at the same time. In effect, this triples the number of buttons/sliders on the thing. Like I said, it just takes a bit of getting used to.

The positioning of the three top buttons on the joystick is just a little bit awkward, because the thumb can sometimes accidentally move the lower hat switch while reaching for them. This problem was rectified on the X52 by repositioning the buttons and the upper hat switch.

But the X45 is an awesome rig just the same! :cool:
The only problem with my stick is that when I pull back on it my wrist cathes the throttle and decreases power. Thats more my fault than the sticks though ;)
is it worth buying it? i mean. i have seen in in a shop here, but its kind of very ewxpensive. but, if its a real good one.. well,.. does it have force feedback? :D
I myself have a Logiteck Attack 3 Joystick... It's quite a pleasure to control a virtual airplane with it... It's both for right handed and left handed users...Quite nice...

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